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All Public Beacon sunglass/eyewear comes with a lens cleaning cloth, a matching case and an information leftlet.

To ensure perfect vision and functionality, clean the lenses regularly with clean water and a soft cloth. We recommend using the cleaning cloth that comes with your glasses, or a similar micro-fibre eyewear cleaning cloth. You can also use a mild soap, washing-up liquid or standard commercial eyewear cleaners. Never rub the lenses dry, but lightly dab them with a soft cloth or leave them to air dry instead.

Please arrange an appointment with an optician near you to find out which frame size and temple length are right for you. They can perform the necessary measurements to determine the right sizes.

Warranty, repairs and replacement parts

If you bought your Public Beacon glasses from one of our partner opticians, please contact them for full details about the warranty coverage and conditions they offer you.

If your glasses are still under warranty, our partner optician will be happy to repair them for you free of charge. Please contact your optician if you need to arrange a repair. They can also answer any questions you may have with regard to your warranty coverage.

Please contact your optician directly. They will be able to help you arrange a repair

The temples and other component parts of the glasses can be replaced individually. You do not need to replace the entire frame.

General information

Our company has always been guided by a strong sense of responsibility towards the world around us. We are committed to striking a healthy balance between people, the planet and our company’s success. We believe that we can actively shape the future for the better. And that is an opportunity that we do not want to miss.

To avoid damaging them, always store and transport your glasses/sunglasses in a suitable case.

We recommend that you do not attempt to repair your glasses yourself. Don't hesitate to contact an optician near you if you need to have your glasses repaired.